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How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall

You want to know that How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall but you don’t know anything about it, correct? If your answer is yes, this post is for you. There are several reasons why a user would wish to take his doorbell camera from the wall. The occasion might be a house remodeling, repositioning the doorbell, relocating to a new home, or just replacing the camera with another. This post will discuss How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

However, the majority of homeowners are unaware of how to remove the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall. They frequently become caught in the midst of the procedure and can damage the doorbell camera. As a result, it is critical to understand the best method for removing it. The camera has been designed in such a manner that it may be simply transferred or removed by anyone.

There may come a time when you wish to detach your Vivint Doorbell camera from the wall. The occasion might be relocating to a new location, repositioning the camera, renovating the property, or temporarily removing the system from the area for some work. The Vivint designer has already considered this possibility, and they have designed the system in such a manner that the gadget can be easily removed or transferred.

We’ll demonstrate how to detach the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall without causing any damage to the internal circuit. Additionally, it would be preferable if you disabled the alarm prior to touching the gadget; otherwise, it will alarm continually, annoy your neighbor.

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How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?
How to Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

1. Things You Need

Carry the necessary tools, such as – before beginning the operation.

  • an awl or screwdriver
  • a tester
  • gloves

Choose the appropriate equipment for the job, as this will simplify the procedure and allow you to remove the kit in a matter of minutes.

2. Switch Off the Whole System

To begin, switch off the Vivint smart home system, as it is connected to the sensors that safeguard the system from a burglar. When the doorbell camera is touched, its clever system activates an alert that emits continuous sound.

As a result, ensure that you first disable the system using the Vivint smartphone application. Verify that all settings are accurate and that you disconnected the machine properly. After that, you can go to the next stage. Additionally, it is preferable if you notify your family members that you are completing the work to avoid any confusion.

3. Disconnect from the Power Source

Disconnecting the system from the power source is important for safety. Cut electricity to the course and unplug it. Maintain a safe distance between you and the wires. Otherwise, they will annoy you while you are at work.

Avoid touching live wires or the electrical board with your bare hands. Put on some gloves. Because if you get into contact with or grasp a live wire during the operation, it can be fatal.

4. Uncover the Doorbell

After detaching the system from the power source, reach for the doorbell camera and use the tester to confirm that there is no direct current flowing through the circuit.

If you’re unfamiliar with what a tester performs, it identifies any power that is operating in an application. If the tester’s light blinks, a program is executing. Even if you disconnect the application from the power source, there is a good possibility that energy will continue to flow.

As a result, use the tester to verify that no power is flowing through the system. If everything goes well, use the screwdriver to remove the screw from the doorbell cover and pull it out. Keep it separate in a secure location to minimize unintentional harm.

5. Detach Wires

Once the lid is removed, two sets of wires are visible within. Gently remove these two wires using your screwdriver. Set away from the screws.

6. Disassociate The Mounting Bracket

The following step is to detach the doorbell bracket from the wall. To remove the bracket, first, unscrew the screws. After removing the screws, the bracket will simply detach from the wall. Keep the bracket in a secure location in case you need to reassemble the panel once you’re finished.

7. Protect The Wires

After removing the backplate, you will notice a tiny hole in the wall with two cables protruding from it. Tape can be used to secure these cables. Additionally, if you wish to remove these cables, pull them carefully. However, avoid touching the wires with your naked hands.

8. Reconstruct The Doorbell

Thus, you have removed the Vivint doorbell camera from the wall successfully. Now is the time to reassemble the entire doorbell to ensure that no components are missing. Attach all screws and the lid to the top of the plate. Replace the top screw to secure it in place.

Why Vivint Doorbell Camera is Used?

The Vivint doorbell cameras are excellent for ensuring the security of your home or business. Once built, the system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it completely self-sufficient. Any unanticipated incident would be recorded and tallied as a thief assault. When there is unexpected behavior, the owner of the Vivint system will receive a notification.

After all, the safety of your loved ones and property is critical to you. It cannot be compromised. Any frontal assault by the robber or thief would be fatal. You may use the security camera to monitor and record activity outside your door. The doorbell sound would inform the delivery boy when he reaches your property. After viewing the doorbell camera, anyone going through your door would refrain from attempting any criminal behavior.

Vivint doorbell cameras are always in active mode. Due to the system’s wifi connectivity, the owner can monitor activity and reply instantly to voice commands. The owner now instructs the speaker installed on the doorbell camera to play the voice message. It operates remotely, and you may send a message from any place in the globe that has access to a wifi network.

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Final Words

The Vivint doorbell camera is ideal for monitoring your home’s security. You can uninstall the kit at any time by following the steps above. You may also enlist the assistance of specialists who will come to your place and remove the equipment. The Vivint offers a doorstep service.

The Vivint staff is there to assist you at times of need, and you may direct them to administer or maintain the system. Maintaining your design on a regular basis will keep it intact and ready to defend your house.


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