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How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button? Updated 2022

There is nothing more stressful than discovering that your laptop will not turn on. In the event that your laptop does not start up as normally as it should, it is possible that the power button is not functioning properly. Throughout this article, we’ll go over a step-by-step procedure for fixing the laptop power button not working problem. We’ve compiled a list of the six quickest and most dependable methods.

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about a laptop that won’t turn on before moving on to our step-by-step guide.

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How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

Using a Keyboard to Start a Laptop

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?
How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

Even before you have a problem with your laptop’s power button (which is quite common), you should configure the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) to function as a backup power button.

To turn on your computer with a keyboard (in Windows 10) follow these steps:

When the laptop starts up, you can access the BIOS by pressing the “F2,” “F10,” or “DEL” keys at the same time.

Locate the “power management” settings on your computer. This will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you should be able to find something similar to “power on by keyboard.”

Configure the backup power keys and then save your configurations.

Check to see if your BIOS was properly enabled by shutting down your laptop and checking the settings.

This method is intended to be used as a preventative measure to keep you from having to use the more complicated methods on this list.

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What is the best way to turn on a laptop using the motherboard

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?
How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

This method will work on any laptop, regardless of whether or not the power button is functioning properly.

What you need to do is as follows:

Remove the charging cable from the wall outlet.

Locate the power button on the laptop case after opening it.

Remove the power button from the wall.

Locate the 3 to 6 pins that are underneath the button.

Short circuit pins 1 and 3 with any conductor (such as a screwdriver), or use a jumper wire to connect them together. A wire should be used to connect the pins.

Wait for your laptop to begin to boot up.

Keep in mind that technicians do not recommend using this method on a daily basis because it can cause damage to your motherboard and laptop chassis.

Using the Clock Battery Method, you can turn on a laptop

The battery cable (which is different from the charging cable) must be disconnected from the motherboard.
Remove the clock battery from the motherboard and set it aside.
Using this cold-start method, you will be able to power up your laptop even when it is not connected to a power source. Keep in mind, however, that doing so will cause your laptop to reset to its factory default settings.

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How to turn on a laptop computer using a wall outlet

How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?
How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

It is effective for Dell, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, and HP laptops, among other brands. Those who do not want to short-circuit their laptop because they do not have a power button will find this method to be extremely useful.

Remove the cable that connects the power button to the motherboard and set it aside.

Remove the battery from your laptop.

Connect the laptop to a wall outlet, and it will automatically turn on.

If you want to unplug your laptop from the power outlet, you must first insert a new battery into it.

Some laptops require you to configure your BIOS in order for them to turn on when they are connected to an AC power source.

Learn how to turn on a laptop computer by using its lid

The default behaviour of a laptop is to go into Sleep mode when the lid is closed, but you can configure the settings to turn the laptop on and off when the lid is closed as well:

When you first turn on your laptop, press the “F2,” “F10,” or “DEL” keys to access the BIOS.

“Power management” is the term used here.

Make the necessary adjustments under “power on with open lid.”

FAQs-for How To Turn On Laptop Without Power Button?

What happens if your laptop won’t turn on for some reason?

Several factors could be at fault for your laptop’s inability to power up, including its power supply, failed hardware, or a malfunctioning screen [1]. It’s possible that you’ll be able to fix the problem yourself if you order replacement parts or change the configuration of your laptop.

Is it possible to turn on a computer using the keyboard?

Most computers have the option to be powered on by pressing the power button on the keyboard. Something like this is probably disabled by default and must be enabled in the system BIOS before it can be used.

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What is the best way to wake up my laptop?

In order to bring a computer or a monitor out of sleep or hibernation, move the mouse pointer or press any key on the keyboard. If this does not work, press the power button to bring the computer back to its original state. REMINDER: Monitors will automatically awaken from their sleep mode the moment they detect a video signal from the computer.

Visual Guide:

Final Guide:

Have problems with your laptop’s power button? Worry not, because there are several ways to get your laptop running again! For Windows laptops, use an external keyboard, enable LAN, or plug it in. It is possible to do so on Mac. That’s up to you! Tell us!

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