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How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard? Best Ideas In 2023

Are you fed up and looking for How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard? It takes ingenuity to create something as beautiful as the Butterfly keyboard. Because of its unique key structure, the beautifully laid out keyboard allows you to type more quickly and prevents accidental key presses. However, there are times when keys become jammed as a result of dust or food particles becoming lodged inside the lock mechanism. A service centre is not always required in order to fix a computer problem.

Even though it makes typing incredibly fast and easy, it can become stuck very quickly. And it’s not just we who feel this way! It’s such a widespread problem that many people are facing nowadays, we ask them if they’re using the new Mac keyboard, and they all respond affirmatively.

This also means that there is a wealth of information available on the Internet to assist you in resolving the issue, including the new Keyboard Service Program from Apple, which was created to address a design flaw that they are now offering to fix.

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How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?

How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?
How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?

Following these steps will allow you to complete the task on your own!

You can try a few things to see if they help to fix your sticky keys before taking it in for service. Here are some things that have worked for us. First and foremost, make every effort not to eat near your computer. Although it is difficult to avoid as someone who spends the majority of her day at her computer, it has definitely helped. Of course, that won’t help if your key is already stuck, so we recommend getting a can of compressed air and spraying your keys.

Just remember to exercise caution!

Alternatively, if none of these solutions work for you, or if you simply don’t want to bother with all of these band-aid solutions, you can take advantage of the Apple Keyboard Service Program, which offers a number of different options. Make sure to check their website to see which models are applicable, and then decide which option you’d prefer, keeping in mind that no matter which option you choose, you’ll be without a computer for the duration of the event.

In any case, you’ll have a new keyboard, or at the very least, new replacement keys, and you won’t have to explain why your emails contain no capital letters because you, like us, had a shift key that was constantly getting stuck in the middle of a sentence.

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What is the best way to clean between the keys on your keyboard?

How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?
How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?

Fold a piece of tape in half so that the non-sticky sides are facing each other and the sticky sides are facing outward. Rub back and forth on the keys a few times after sliding the tape underneath the edges of the keys. Prepare to be disgusted when you take the piece of tape out of the package. Continue until all of your keys are free of debris.

Open it up and give it a good cleaning Remove any debris from the area by blowing it away with compressed air or wiping it away with a lint-free cloth. Consider paying close attention to your MacBook’s cooling fan (including its vents) and the entire back edge of the device. The goal here is to keep the passageways as clean as possible to allow for maximum airflow.

How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?
How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?

FAQs-for How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?

Is it possible to clean a butterfly keyboard?

Attempting to remove keys from your Apple laptop’s “butterfly” keyboard (such as those found on any 2015- and 2016-generation MacBook or 2016-generation MacBook Pro) is not a good idea unless you are an expert. The butterfly mechanism, as well as the extra-thin key caps, are particularly delicate and difficult to remove in their entirety.

Is Apple capable of cleaning your MacBook keyboard?

MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro keyboards that are eligible for service will be repaired or replaced at no cost by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. After the keyboard has been examined, the type of service will be determined, and it may entail the replacement of one or more keys, or the substitute of the entire keyboard.

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What is causing my Mac keyboard to become entangled?

The problem occurs when dust, bits of food, or other crud becomes lodged under a key and prevents the key from depressing easily…. Keep the keys on your MacBook free of dust and debris.

Visual Guide For How To Clean Macbook Butterfly Keyboard?

Final Words:

Big congrats, your keyboard has been thoroughly cleaned! Replace the cleaning solution every few months or as needed in order to keep your keyboard squeaky spotless and to prolong the life of your laptop

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