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How To Find Lost Airpods In House? Updated 2022

Have you recently misplaced one, or both, of your AirPods?

Want to know How to find lost airpods in house?

Or are you hunting for your AirPods case, which has gone missing?

The first thing you must do is to remain calm!

I really mean it.

Finding your AirPods, which you paid a premium sum for, might be frustrating once you notice they are no longer in your sight.

But trust me when I say that this isn’t the end of the world.

Before we jump to the conclusion that they’re lost for good, let’s make a concerted effort to locate them.

How can I track down my misplaced AirPods?

I’ve put up an all-in-one guide to help you find your missing AirPods or simply one of them in this article. A method is also included.You have come to the right place if you are finding How to find lost airpods in house.

Methods on How to Find Lost AirPods in House


How are you going to get rid of them?

Remember how we talked about how the AirPods’ wireless feature is what makes them so popular?

It’s also a lot easier to lose!

Do you have any doubts? Continue reading to learn how.

Because the earphones were attached to a cable, there was never a risk of losing one. And if one earphone falls out of your ear, you’ll know right away or it’ll dangle on the cord.

That is no longer the case with AirPods.

They can easily fall out of your ear if you misplace them while changing your clothes. And because they are so small, it is simple to lose track of them if they are not kept safely.

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Want to keep your AirPods from becoming lost in the first place?

Prevention is preferable to cure!

If you haven’t misplaced your AirPods yet, it’s a good idea to keep them safe by following some basic guidelines.

When most individuals are doing something active, they lose their AirPods. To be precise, any activity that requires a lot of movement. You can use Earhooks or AirPod covers to keep your AirPods from falling out during that period.

Another suggestion is to store them in their case while they are not in use. Keep your AirPods in the case and within your baggage if you’re travelling. Because it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve been in the past while travelling.

Don’t open them and leave them on a table or at a bar. When you’re about to depart, you’re unlikely to see them.

Now you know how to keep them from being lost so you don’t have to look for them.

However, no matter how cautious we are, they will occasionally become disoriented.

So, how can you get them back in that situation?

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On your iPhone, enable Find My [Device]

We’re going to show you how to use an iPhone.
If you’ve already enabled Find My [Device] on your iPhone, you may skip this step and move on to the second way.

Check out the fifth way on the list if you haven’t activated Find My [Device] on your iPhone and have lost your AirPods by the time you read this article.

Turn on “Find My [Device]” by following the steps below.

On your iPhone, open the “Settings” app.

Your Apple ID “Name” can be found at the top of the “Settings” page. Select it by clicking on it. This action displays all information about your Apple ID.

Scroll down to the “Find My” option, which has a green circular icon next to it. Select it by clicking on it. Your

The “Find My iPhone” option is located at the top of the page. If you’ve already turned it on, you’ll see “On” next to it. If it’s turned off, you’ll see “Off” right next to it. As is the case in this instance.
Click the “Toggle” next to “Find My iPhone” once again. It will change colour to green.
The next option, “Enable Offline Finding,” is enabled by default. If not, make sure to click the “Toggle” next to it so that it turns green.

Finally, ensure that the third option, “Send Last Location,” is activated. “Automatically send the location of this iPhone to Apple when the battery is critically low,” if this option is enabled.
That concludes the discussion.

“Find My iPhone” has now been successfully enabled. Let’s look at how this relates to locating your AirPods.

Check out the following step for more information!

 Use “Find My” to Trace Your AirPods on your iPhone

Isn’t it wonderful news?

Apple has a back-up plan for you, even if you don’t have one.

Launch “Settings” on your iPhone and follow the steps to utilise “Find My” to locate AirPods.

On the top of the Settings tab, click on your “Apple ID Name.”

After that, select “Find My” from the drop-down menu.
Then, at the top, select “Find My iPhone.” Not only does “Find My” show your iPhone on the map, but it also shows other accessories like AirPods.
At the bottom of the page, select “Devices.” You may view a list of all the Apple ID-connected devices here, such as your AirPods, iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook, and so on. The location of each device will be listed under it. You can also notice the caption “No Location Found.”

Select “AirPods” from the drop-down menu. On the map, you’ll be able to see the current or last location of your AirPods.

Locate your AirPods and follow the directions.

Visual Guide:

Final Words:

I hope you found this post on “How to Find Lost AirPods?” to be helpful. We’ve done our best to include all of the pertinent information and strategies to assist you with locating your misplaced AirPods.

Please use the contact form below to contact us if you have any questions about the article.



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