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How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House: Updated 2022

For example, handheld gaming consoles will significantly impact future technological advancements in the gaming industry. Because of these portable gaming consoles, we can play our favorite games on the go and save money and time, all simultaneously, since the day they were released. Despite this, one aspect of these game systems is that they are entirely helpless to alter. That’s not going to be the case anymore. These gaming systems can slide off your bed and get misplaced because of their small size. We’ll talk about a game system that’s easy to lose but not difficult to locate. When finding a Nintendo Switch that has been stolen or misplaced, we’ll focus on the best ways to do it in this article. If you’ve ever lost a Nintendo Switch in your home, you’ll learn how to find it in this piece and how to avoid it from happening again.
Any time you carry a piece of portable electronic equipment, you risk it being stolen. It doesn’t matter what gear you’re using; this risk still exists. Nintendo Switch owners frequently take their consoles on vacation due to the console’s high demand.
In a matter of minutes, someone will come by and take it, and then it will be taken away with them. If this has ever occurred to you, you may wonder if tracking a Nintendo Switch using GPS is possible. Keep reading to find out what to do if your Switch is stolen and how to file a police report.
Because the Switch is both a popular portable gaming console and a costly piece of equipment, you must discover How to Find a Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House to prevent it from going missing or being stolen while you have it.
However, registering the serial number with Nintendo as soon as possible may assist you in learning how to locate a lost Nintendo Switch in your home. If your gaming console is stolen, you can also purchase extra tracking devices to aid in its recovery.
Always verify the Switch’s serial number before purchasing it from a third-party vendor to avoid obtaining a stolen item. Your Switch’s serial number cannot be recovered unless registered with the appropriate authority. It would be best if you kept this in mind at all times.

How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House
How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

Our apologies, but we cannot help you locate your Switch on your own; we, however, can. Your Own House Is the Best Place to Search for Your Lost Nintendo Switch Unlike Apple’s Find Your Phone feature, it doesn’t have a part similar to this one. The authorities can use this information to assist you in locating your Switch if you lose it, so here are some things you can do in the event you lose it.
Before you can proceed, you’ll need to know your serial number. For those with an existing Switch, the microSD card slot can be found next to the USB port on its lower left-hand side.
This option may also be found in the System Settings section of the console’s menu. Search the outside of the box that the item was initially shipped in. Even if your Switch was stolen, you might still use the serial number on the bottom of the box to track it down. If you still have the box, this is an option.
Even if you don’t have the original packaging or the serial number, you can still return your stolen Switch console to the store where you purchased it. This is the only other choice you have.
The serial number assigned to the purchase must be included on the item. Your Switch’s serial number should be recovered as soon as possible if it is stolen.

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What’s the Purpose of Having a Serial Number?

How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House
How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

It is critical to have your serial number to get in touch with Nintendo’s customer service department. When someone is online and using an IP address, they’ll also be able to see that. In contrast, they won’t be able to keep tabs on your gadget.
They can determine the device’s location using the IP address, which provides them with information about the city. Once you’ve gathered all of this data, you can send it over to the officer in charge of the investigation. If you haven’t previously filed a police report, this is an excellent opportunity.
Describe the gadget, including its design, distinguishing features, and the games it contains.

Please remove the discount as soon as possible if the device has a Nintendo number. A thief who steals your Nintendo Switch and then charges you for the games they play on it is not something you want to happen to you.

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Using “Tracking a Switch” to Find a Lost Nintendo Switch in Your Own Home

How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House
How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

Do some research before purchasing a Nintendo Switch to ensure you are not purchasing a counterfeit or stolen device. To avoid becoming a victim of theft, you must take care due to the sad reality that some people sell stolen goods for profit.
The serial number is all you need to figure it out on your own if you’re so lucky. There are several ways to find out if your Nintendo Switch has been reported lost or stolen in the past.
As a final precaution, you should check to see if your product’s serial number matches that on its original package. Unusually, the appearance of two distinct integers signals the presence of an anomaly.
Finally, you can call the police station in your region and see whether anyone has filed a missing person case for a Switch with your serial number. If at all feasible, obtain the item’s serial number before completing a purchase.
Therefore, you can avoid acquiring a stolen Switch by purchasing a legitimate one instead, which should be easy to find. Switch’s serial number is printed on the bottom of the box and the bottom and left sides of the system itself. The phone number for each of these sites should be the same. If you buy the Switch without the original box, you might not be able to find out, and some individuals would instead not take the chance of not knowing.
By investigating it, please verify that the Switch does not include any saved accounts. If this is the case, you should ask the seller to turn it off so that you don’t have to deal with any issues. Some people sell stolen Nintendo Switches, but there are methods you can take to verify that the one you own is authentic.

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What to Do if Your Switch Has Been Stolen or Lost and How to Find It

If your Ifs are lost, there is no way to hunt them down. This could be a significant pain in the neck. As an alternative, a third-party tracking solution for the Nintendo DSi could be developed in the future.
For various purposes, including finding your Nintendo Switch, the Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker is a handy tool to have on hand. You can use it to look it up by typing its name into a search engine. The answer seems obvious in light of the low price and ease of purchasing. To utilize this item, you must first connect it to your Nintendo Switch.
To utilize the App, you can download it for iOS or Android smartphones to use it with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and other intelligent home options. It can also be used on its own. If your Switch is nearby, you can make a noise with the Find feature to help you find it.
Assume it is a long way from where it was most recently discovered. A long-distance away Switch can be located using Bluetooth technology to interact with the device of the person who is still in the region.
Using the Tile network, even if the location is far away, they have a system that helps users use the Tile network to find the place. When your gadget is within Bluetooth range of the user’s device, a notification will be sent to their smartphone.

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Visual Guide

Final Words

If your Switch is stolen, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can trace it down with this tracker. As a result, even if you lose your Switch, you’ll see that you have a chance of finding it again.
It is our earnest hope that this guide can help you locate your lost or stolen Switch.

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