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How to Get Sand Out of Phone Speaker? Brilliant Information in 2023

Sand in a mobile phone speaker is not a common occurrence, but it has occurred. This blog will explain what to do if you find sand in your phone’s speaker. First, we must clarify several matters. One may inquire, “What is a phone speaker?” The interior of a phone contains a speaker. The microphone, speaker, and any other built-in electronics are located here.

How to get sand out of phone speaker

How to Get Sand Out of Phone Speaker?
How to Get Sand Out of Phone Speaker?

Things you need.

Cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, warm water, and a toothbrush are required supplies.

  1. Brush your phone’s speakers with a toothbrush. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the area surrounding the phone’s speakers. If you exert too much force, you could injure them.
  2. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the interior of the speakers of your phone. A small amount of rubbing alcohol will effectively clean the space between your phone’s speakers and grilles, but avoid getting it on other components. Remember that you could potentially damage or break objects. Before reusing certain items, do not be afraid to let them air-dry for a few minutes.

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How to clean your phone’s speaker

There are no special instruments required, and it is simple. Just follow these steps:

Clean your device: Use a microfiber cloth to remove as much dust and debris as possible from your device.
Wipe down your speakers: To clean your speakers, move a dry cotton swab in a circular motion over them.
Repetition with moist swabs: Repeat step 2 with another alcohol-soaked cotton swab (any kind will do).
How to Remove Lint, Sand, and Other Debris from Your Mobile Device
The following is a detailed guide on how to clean your smartphone.

Step 1: Obtain a paper towel or clean cloth and at least 70% rubbing alcohol concentration. In a small bowl, combine the same amounts of alcohol and water. Use a cloth soaked in the solution to clean your phone. If it becomes soiled rapidly, add extra alcohol. If so, add additional water.

Step 2: Dry everything using canned air or something similar, if available.

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How to Clean a Speaker Using Everyday Objects

Using household items to clean the speakers on your phone is the simplest method. Simply combine a few drops of liquid soap with some warm water in a basin, wet a sponge, and use it to scrape any grime from your speakers.

Before we did anything, my iPhone 5 sounded as though it was blowing out dust bunnies whenever it played music. After cleaning it, the sound was once again sharp and clear.

Using a cotton swab, clean the exterior of your speakers.

If your phone’s speakers are clogged with lint, grit, or grime, it’s probably because you frequently put and removed it from your pocket. Before you further clean your speakers, consider rubbing a cotton swab around them. This will help you save time and energy.

If there is only surface debris, such as from pockets, it should be easy to remove. Don’t worry if there’s more challenging material inside. There are numerous effective cleaning methods.

Form a little ball of sticky tack and apply it to the speaker holes.
Sticky tac may remove a surprising amount of lint, crud, and even dust from your speakers. Turn off your phone (or tablet) and insert a piece of tape into each hole, but don’t use too much or you’ll make a mess.

Give it approximately 10 minutes, then restart it. You should hear a significantly clearer sound than previously. If you don’t, keep doing it until you do. Make careful you remove any adhesive tape from your screen.

This approach can also be used to remove food particles or dirt/dust that have become lodged within a keyboard. Ensure that you use compressed air to clear out any remaining debris so that nothing becomes re-stuck.

How can I clean a clogged phone speaker?

When dust and other minute particles accumulate within a gadget, the speaker may become obstructed. To clean it, you will need a few common household or office items, such as a toothpick or paper clip:

Please power down your smartphone and remove any protective case. Wipe its faceplate with a moist cloth to remove any remaining debris.
Open your smartphone or tablet to access its speakers. Use the toothpick or paper clip to probe any crevices where dirt may have accumulated (and ignore whatever strange looks you get from passersby).
Use a Q-tip to remove the debris from these crevices (or appropriate material).

Visual Guide on How to Get Sand out of Your Phone?

FAQs Related to How to Get Sand Out of Phone Speaker?

Can sand damage your phone?

Sand, mud, and rocks can cause significant hardware damage to a smartphone or tablet. For instance, they can scrape and degrade components such as the speakers. This type of deterioration is called microabrasion. When minute scratches occur within the conduction system and voice coil of a device’s speakers, the sound becomes muffled.

Why does my phone’s speaker sound muffled?

Lint, dust, and other forms of filth that you likely cannot see accumulate in the phone’s speakers. And if you don’t clean them frequently, the sound will become muffled.

Why does the ear speaker on my iPhone sound muddy?
If the iPhone’s ear speaker is muffled, it may be because the phone is in a noisy environment or there is too much airflow. To fix the issue, hold the iPhone in your hand with the volume turned up. If the issue persists, try the iPhone’s left-side volume button.

How can dirt be removed from the holes in a phone speaker?

A speaker hole can be cleaned in many ways. Pouring a cup of water into the speaker hole while spinning the phone is the simplest method. Quickly pour water inside the speaker, and then rotate it to remove any debris. If it does not work, massage the speaker hole carefully with a damp, soft cloth. Using a small wire brush, clean the interior of the speaker hole. Lastly, use a can of compressed air to remove any remaining dirt or debris.

Final Words

When using your smartphone, take care not to cause too much harm. Purchase a sturdy case for your touchscreen if it is fragile, especially if you prone to drop things. Even if your screen is not easily broken, dropping your smartphone might cause harm to internal components such as microchips and speakers. Please maintain its cleanliness by not eating on it and being mindful of what you place on it.



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