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Hulu Keeps Crashing Or Shutting Down And How To Fix It | Wonderful Tips 2023

This article will explain why HULU KEEPS CRASHING OR SHUTTING DOWN AND HOW TO FIX IT. Hulu will continue to shut down or crash on your device if there is corrupted data in the modules of your system or if Hulu itself is in an incorrect condition. This widespread issue affects nearly every device, including Fire Stick, Smart TVs, and desktop computers. This user guide will demonstrate why Hulu keeps crashing or shutting down and how to fix it.
Crashing and shutting down are particularly prevalent on Smart TVs (especially Samsung Smart TVs). It shuts down and crashes when the streaming service is played for more than an hour or even starting. Later, the application repeatedly shuts down and crashes, thus rendering it unusable.

What triggers Hulu to crash or shut down?

This has been a known issue since the beginning of the year, and Hulu executives have stated that they are ‘trying to fix the issue.’ The following are some of the reasons we believe why Hulu keeps crashing or shutting down:

  • Cached and application data that is incorrect
  • Hulu application that is no longer supported
  • A defect inside the application itself
  • Issues with the device’s compatibility

These are the most often encountered difficulties with older devices and smart TVs.

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How to Fix Hulu Crashing or Shutting Down?

We’ll begin with the most effective solutions and work our way down to the most technical ones. However, remember that this is a well-known issue with Hulu, with the issue frequently remaining unresolved.
Before attempting any further remedies, we will attempt a power cycle of your whole system, including all gadgets. A momentary malfunction of your device (such as a Fire Stick) or networking equipment (such as a router) may result in Hulu being turned off unexpectedly.

  • Ensure that all devices and networking equipment are turned off (including routers, TVs, peripherals, and consoles).
  • Now disconnect all devices from the power supply and wait at least two minutes.
    Then reconnect the devices to the power supply and turn them on.

why Hulu keeps crashing or shutting down and how to fix it

  • Once the devices have been correctly restarted, launch the Hulu app and verify that the issue with the app shutting down has been resolved.
  • While this is the most frequently mentioned remedy by Hulu authorities, it has been known to work in certain instances. We’re debating the Android-based device option.

You should go to the next solution if you own an Apple device.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your Smart TV (or Android smartphone).

Click Apps in the setting menu

This is where you’ll find a list of all the programs you’ve installed. Look for Hulu in them and click to open it for further configuration options. Scroll to the bottom and click Clear Cache.

Restart your phone now. You will be thrilled to see that this trick works.

If this doesn’t work, consider clearing the data as well and try again

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Reinstalling the Hulu Application (Verified solution)

When you acquire a smart TV or other stick modules (such as a Fire Stick), Hulu is often pre-installed. This version of Hulu is frequently out of date since it was installed at the time the device was created. This earlier version may be unstable and may be the source of the crash.
In some circumstances, the application’s data may become damaged even if Hulu is updated to the current build. Reinstalling in this scenario will delete the corrupted files and download new ones from the Hulu servers.

  • Return to the previous solution’s Apps section and enter the Hulu settings.
  • Now, pick the Uninstall option and, when prompted, click Delete all data.

  • Reboot your smartphone and browse to the Google Play Store to reinstall Hulu.
  • After logging in, verify that the issue has been repaired permanently.

Suppose you are one of the unfortunate people who cannot remove Hulu because it is a system program on your device, such as a Samsung Smart TV. In that case, you may be able to resolve the issue by resetting the Samsung Smart Hub (or something similar on other OEMs’ devices). Before proceeding, ensure that you have access to the applications’ logins.

  • Launch Support from the Samsung Smart TV’s Settings menu and select Self Diagnostics.
  • Now, choose Reset Smart Hub and check that the Smart Hub has been reset.


Then launch the Hulu app and check if the shutting down issue is resolved. 

Another option available on various devices and services, including Hulu, is to turn off the television when there is no activity. This is comparable to Netflix’s ‘Are you still watching?’ option. In Hulu’s situation, it does not prompt you and instead instantly disables Live TV. You can disable this option to see if it resolves the issue.

  • Open the Hulu program and navigate to the settings screen.
  • Then, deactivate the stop Live TV’  during the inactive’ option.

  • Save your changes and then depart. Restart your device and check whether the issue with the device going down or crashing has been addressed.

If the issue persists, check to see if deactivating your device’s sleep timer or screen saver resolves the issue.

Log out all Devices connected to Hulu Account ( verified solution)

Another possible cause for Hulu’s shutdown is that the maximum number of devices has been reached. The maximum number of devices is set to two by default. According to official Hulu support, you may purchase an add-on that allows for an infinite number of logins, but it will cost you extra. Here, we may attempt to log you out of each device and see if it resolves the issue.

  • Then, using a web browser, click on Hulu login and log in with your credentials.
  • Now, pick Account by clicking on your user symbol.
  • Then, under the Manage Devices section of Your Account, click on the Remove button next to each device.
  • Now close Manage Your Devices and open Protect Your Account

Then click on Logout of All Computers and launch Hulu to check if it is clear of the shutting down issue.

Log out of all Computers – Hulu

  • If the issue persists, then check if creating a new profile for your Hulu account solves the issue.

Updating Firmware / Software of Device (Verified solution)

Incompatibility between your device’s firmware (or software) and the Hulu app may result in Hulu shutting down during operation. Updating your device’s firmware may resolve the issue. As an instance, we’ll look at how to update the firmware on a Samsung Smart TV.

  • Select Support from the Samsung TV’s Settings menu.
  • Now navigate to Software Update and click the Update Now button.

  • Once the updates have been installed, and the TV has been rebooted, launch the Hulu app and verify that the app is no longer shutting down unexpectedly.



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